Evacuation of People From Mariupol

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, May 1, 2022
Evacuation of People From Mariupol

May 1 at 4 p. m. planned to evacuate Ukrainians from Mariupol to territories controlled by Ukraine

Russia invaded Ukraine and began torturing and killing people two months ago. Residents of Mariupol, Donetsk region, suffer 66 days from heavy bombs and street shootings. The Russian occupation forces did not allow Ukrainians to be evacuated to wherever they wanted. Ukrainians are allowed to leave only in Russia.

The city is a humanitarian disaster: no light, no water, and no food. Also, Mariupol is littered with corpses, which begin to decompose actively with the arrival of heat. These processes can cause a terrible global epidemic. In this regard, the Ukrainian authorities are constantly asking for the opening of a "green corridor" to evacuate people. But the Russians are not cooperating. The Pope also asked the Russian Federation to release Mariupol women, children, elderly. He appealed three times to the Russian authorities but was refused. This was reported by the Italian newspaper Il Messaggero.

On 29 April, United Nations representatives arrived in Mariupol to hold talks with war criminals from Russia. Representatives of the world organization wanted to free people from the industrial enterprise Azovstal. Azovstal is fired by heavy missiles daily. The number of missiles can reach up to 35 pieces per day.

Two days later, the city administration of Mariupol announced the possibility of evacuating people from Azovstal to the territory of Ukraine. The gathering of civilians and an attempt to evacuate the wounded was scheduled for 4 p. m.

The Russian side agreed to open a humanitarian corridor. But as of 5 p. m, no evacuation bus had saved people.

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