How Be a Successful Woman in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, December 23, 2021
How Be a Successful Woman in Ukraine

Business cases from Ukrainian women

Past years brought many changes into women’s lives. Feminists’ parades, women's rights activists fighting stereotypes are no longer part of some futuristic book. Ladies all over the world leave the family home in favor of building a career. They gain success not only in nail care, beauty, clothing creation spheres.

Ukrainian women are prosperous as well. They reached everything themselves. Moreover, some of them are enlisted to Forbes Ukraine.

So, Top-5 successful Ukrainian women:

  1.     Kateryna Kostereva is a founder of IT company Terrasoft Ukraine.

Terrasoft Ukraine is one of the main players in the corporate software market, developer of CRM systems, a competitor to Microsoft, Salesforce and Oracle.

  1.     Lera Borodina is the founder of Oh My Look! and co-founder of G.Bar, BigPlans Club, So DoDoDo, Lavla.

Oh My Look! is a dress rental service that even celebrities use. International franchise G.Bar is a network of beauty salons, amounting to 34 salons in 10 countries of the world.

Big Plans Club Educational Project is a website with master classes and community for girls.

  1.     Daria Leschenko is a co-founder of SupportYourApp and Label Your Data.

These projects help create a support service for startups and applications that speak foreign languages.

  1.     Yaroslava Hreza is a co-founder of Gres Todorchuk PR.

Gres Todorchuk PR is the first agency in Ukraine that promotes educational, cultural, and social projects. 

  1.     Olha Hutsol is an owner of Camion-Oil company and founder of service, author of the book If jumped, then comb.

Camion-Oil, with a team of 600 people in 60 countries, is among the three leaders in Ukraine in the niche of cars. Autobooking startup online record service for vehicle servicing points.

As we can see, Ukrainian men and women can equally successfully promote in the Ukrainian and world markets.

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