How Germany and Holland Will Do Without Russian Gas

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, June 2, 2022
How Germany and Holland Will Do Without Russian Gas

States decided to develop a gas field in the North Sea

The pendulum of sanctions began to swing the wrecked boat Russia. States refuse to pay for Russian in rubles, and Gazprom, one by one, disconnects countries from its gas. Poland, Bulgaria, and Finland are already disabled and soon, perhaps, Denmark. Germany and Holland began to look for an alternative in advance and took advantage of what nature gave them — a gas field on the border of states.

"The Netherlands and Germany will jointly drill a new gas field in the North Sea," according to the portal of the Dutch government.

According to Dutch secretary of state Hans Wilbrief, he has already issued a permit for the development of the Dutch part. Germany is engaged in the accelerated processing of permits. We remind you that last year Lower Saxony refused permission to develop, but the war of Russia against Ukraine changed the situation by 180°.

The gas platform is located in the North Sea, almost 20 km from Schiermonnikoog (Holland) and Borkum (Germany). A pipeline is currently under construction to bring gas to land, and the first gas will be produced as early as 2024.

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