How Many People Were Killed in Mariupol

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, April 7, 2022
How Many People Were Killed in Mariupol

On April 7, the former minister of internal affairs of Ukraine spoke about the terrible and disgusting details from Mariupol and Gostomel

Arsen Avakov, the former head of the Ministry of internal affairs of Ukraine, gave a short interview with a journalist from the Ukrainian TV channel Ukriaina24.

- Unfortunately, I assess the situation that happened and is happening in Mariupol at times worse than what we saw when it opened up to us in Irpin, Bucha, Borodyanka. It is not customary to talk about this at all, but I believe that the losses of the civilian population in Mariupol are colossal. I think that this figure can probably be estimated at 30.000 people. That is why, including Russian scoundrels, they are now trying to mask their crimes. They will do everything not to repeat their mistakes in the small town of Bucha and the small town of Irpin. After all, what is happening: when the drama theater in Mariupol collapsed under these bombs, the situation was so tragic that no one was allowed to sort out the rubble properly. And there were no forces, and there was no technology. And this is the drama theater that we all know well. And how many of these buildings are there where people in bomb shelters are littered. And when people go out into the street, they are shot.

We remind you that the Russians brought mobile crematoria to Mariupol, in which they are going to burn Mariupol residents. We are confident that the Russians will not be able to burn all the tens of thousands of corpses of the people they have killed before they are overtaken by legal punishment. 

Avakov also disclosed information on April 7 that when clearing Gostomel, law enforcement agencies found a garage with 11 corpses of Ukrainians. Residents said that these people were killed by Russian snipers: snipers trained on Ukrainians who were still alive. After the Ukrainians were used and killed, the bodies were thrown into the garage.

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