How Much Do Ukrainian “Youtube” Bloggers Earn?

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, November 29, 2021
How Much Do Ukrainian “Youtube” Bloggers Earn?

The 50 most popular “YouTube” channels receive more than $85 thousand a month through “Patreon”

Most Ukrainians support the Serhii Prytula channel ($16.000 per month). The second place is occupied by Toronto Television (almost $10.000), and the third is Bihus.Info ($6.000).

Bihus.Info also became one of the leaders of growth this year. Audience and average views are 490.000 subscribers and more than 166.000 views.

Blogger Denys Kazanskyy, in his channel, doubled its audience to 300. 000 subscribers. Through Patreon, he receives $1.700 a month. The average views of one video increased from 45 000 to more than 100 000.

If you form a rating by the number of subscribers, then in the first place – Toronto Television. They have 1297 subscribers. Serhii Prytula has 838 subscribers, Serhii Sternenko has 480, the Cursed Rationalist has 459, and Yanina Sokolova 390.

To calculate how much money any YouTube channel in Ukraine brings, you need to use a simple formula.

You need to divide the number of views on a channel by 3. So we get the approximate maximum percentage of commercial ideas. The resulting figure is divided by 1000 because commercial impressions are counted per thousand. Then multiply by the cost per mille. For Ukraine, the maximum is now about $1.

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