How Russian Troops Execute Ukrainian Prisoners of War

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, October 13, 2023
How Russian Troops Execute Ukrainian Prisoners of War

The Russian army cut off the genitals, break bones, cut off the heads of Ukrainian POWs, force them to walk through a minefield. The UN High Commissioner confirms

In the winter of 2023, on the internet appeared a video with the Ukrainian prisoner of war who said: "Glory to Ukraine!" The video shows how the Russian military shoots point-blank at the prisoner. Further, the Russian invaders cut off the head of the defender of Ukraine. The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights confirmed the authenticity of this video. It is known that the Russian sabotage and assault group Rusich, headed by Oleksii Milchakov, is behind the crime.

No less a terrible video and a real crime committed by the Russian occupier Monhush. He physically violated the Ukrainian POW and cut off his genitals. It should be noted that the Ukrainian fighter, all this time, was conscious, he did not have a painkiller and the opportunity to escape.

Ukraine is also aware of other cases of torture and murder of Ukrainian prisoners in the Russian Federation. Recall that the Kremlin soldiers burned alive more than 50 Ukrainian prisoners, including soldiers of the Azov regiment, in a colony in Olenivka. Criminals still do not allow international experts to cross the place of the crime.

A little earlier, on March 9, 2022, the invaders shot 2 defenders of Ukraine in the village of Sloboda, Chernihiv region. The bodies of the military were found after the liberation of the village.

In September 2022, history almost repeated itself in the Zaporizhzhia region. The Russians captured Ukrainian fighters and used them to work on the field. One of the Ukrainian prisoners had a leg wound from a torn mine, so he refused to fulfil the tasks of the invaders. The Russians killed on the spot a man who refused to be a "labour force."

These are just a few of the cases known because representatives of the Russian army publish videos of torture on social networks and boast about it. In addition to murders, the invaders also brutally treat prisoners psychologically. However, Russia is increasingly calling on the Ukrainian military to surrender. 

On the cover, you see the defender of Mariupol from the Azov regiment Mykhailo Dianov. When Dianov surrendered to the Russians, they, just to cause hellish pain to the Ukrainian, took off the Ilizarov apparatus out of his hand.

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