The EU Will Include Ukraine and Moldova in TEN-T

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, April 14, 2023
The EU Will Include Ukraine and Moldova in TEN-T

On April 13, the Transport and Tourism Committee added Ukraine to the map of security guarantors of the EU

The press room of the European Parliament published an update on TEN-T, the purpose of which is to emphasise the use of electric transport (trains), speeding up transportation and border delays, as well as the involvement of future EU members Ukraine and Moldova in the trans-European transport project.

"This is the EU's plan to build a network of railways, roads, inland waterways and short sea shipping routes connected through ports and terminals across the European Union," reports the European Parliament's portal.

On April 13, the Transport and Tourism Committee ruled that "intermodal transport should be primarily done by rail, inland waterways or short-sea shipping, while any initial and/or final legs can be carried out by road." This will electrify commercial, state and passenger transportation, and the crossing of the internal borders of the European Union will be reduced to 15 minutes.

After Russia attacked Ukraine, the European Union changed its decision regarding the development of transport links with Russia and Belarus, and switched its attention to the involvement of Ukraine and Moldova.

It is worth noting that this plan is logistical and security. After all, increasing the speed of movement within and between EU countries ensures "uninterrupted movement of military units and material assets." In this way, the military mobility of the European Union and the terms of delivery of military equipment to Ukraine will be increased.

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