How to Open a Restaurant in Ukraine From Scratch?

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, November 30, 2021
How to Open a Restaurant in Ukraine From Scratch?

In this article, you can find almost step-by-step instructions for opening a restaurant

Since the demand for restaurant-type establishments did not stop even in difficult and troubled times of pandemic, the opening of restaurants was and remains a reasonably profitable business.
But opening a restaurant is not a simple task, especially for a beginning entrepreneur.

A plan for opening a restaurant in Ukraine from scratch

1. Choose a restaurant concept.
Before starting a restaurant business from scratch, decide on the idea of the establishment and study the target audience for which you will be working.
The concept includes the interior and the internal nuances: the price level, the type of cuisine, and the capacity of guests;
2. Drawing up a business plan for the restaurant.
Beginning entrepreneurs should not forget about the restaurant's business plan - step-by-step instructions that must be followed and adjusted depending on external factors.
A correctly written business plan includes financial miscalculations, audience analysis and general information about the future establishment.
3. Collecting documents for opening a restaurant.
The main stage when opening a restaurant is paperwork. Without the necessary permits, you cannot legally open your establishment. First, decide on the form of activity in which you will work. It can be a Sole Proprietor or LLC;
4. Select the KVED codes for the restaurant registration;
5. Collect all the necessary documents for opening a company;
6. Choose a restaurant location.
To realize your desires and concept, you need to find a suitable room for the future establishment. As a rule, premises for a restaurant are rented since buying is a more costly and risky option;
7. Pick the interior and exterior design of the restaurant;
8. Choose equipment;
9. Recruit staff for the restaurant
For a full-fledged restaurant to work, you need a cook, a bartender and waiters;
10. Make a restaurant menu;
11. Select food and alcohol suppliers.
Choosing suppliers for a restaurant is a responsible process. It is important to receive quality products with all documents and permits;
12. Make a restaurant advertising.
Main channels of online restaurant advertising:
 • website creation;
 • maintaining a profile of the restaurant in social networks and targeting;
 • filling out catalogs and maps for finding a restaurant;
 •contextual advertising;
 • advertising from bloggers.
 •outdoor advertising;
 • advertising in the media (TV, radio, magazines);
 • organization of events and tastings in the institution.
It doesn't sound very easy. You need to take into account a lot of subtleties and details. GT Invest can help with this. Our professionals have many years of experience in setting up businesses of various types. Cooperation with us will allow you to quickly and successfully open your business.

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