How Ukraine United Germany and Israel

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, April 12, 2022
How Ukraine United Germany and Israel

Israel will provide medical care for Ukrainians in Ukraine, and refugee status for Ukrainians in Israel

As Israeli ambassador to Ukraine, Michael Brodsky wrote on his Twitter that Israel will transfer cargo planes to Ukraine with medicines, food, and technical material for medical workers over the next few weeks.

"Israel has launched a humanitarian air bridge to Ukraine. 6 cargo planes will bring medicines, medical supplies, food, etc., over the next few weeks. The first shipment has already been brought into Ukraine," Michael Brodsky.

It also became known about Israel's assistance to Ukrainians at the social level. At the request of the Ministry of foreign affairs of Ukraine, the Israeli MFA will provide basic social assistance to Ukrainians fleeing the war to Israel. Ukrainians who have found shelter in Israel will be able to receive insurance and official employment. Also, the Ministry of foreign affairs of Israel has opened entry for the families of Ukrainians who are in the promised land on work visas.

Germany also assists in the lives of Ukrainians. Munich donated 15 wagons of humanitarian aid to Ukraine in food, medicines, and medical equipment. On April 7, 7 resuscitation ambulances arrived in the capital of Ukraine. This is a gift to Kyiv from the sister city of Munich. The whole batch of cars is 12 units, and the remaining cars will arrive in Kyiv this week.

It is known that Germany also accepts internally displaced persons from Ukraine. We believe that soon Ukraine will win and our compatriots in Germany will be able to return home.

Glory to Ukraine!

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