How Ukrainian Waste Management Business works

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, December 31, 2021
How Ukrainian Waste Management Business works

Ukraine imports garbage from other countries to conserve natural resources and support some industries

Ukrainian glass and paper-cardboard processing plants are only 70% loaded. Therefore, to use all production capacity, Ukrainians buy second raw materials abroad, spending annually:

  • about $50 million per waste paper;
  • $12 million for polymer materials;
  • $1.5 million on glass.

This material shall be distributed among:

  • 17 paper processing plants;
  • 39 polymer processing facilities;
  • 16 factories specialize in glass shattering.

Import and using recycled materials in Ukraine is a profitable and environmentally friendly business. For example, using cellulose as a basis for" rel="dofollow">manufacturing paper materials would require the manufacturer to spend twice as much as purchased waste paper. Therefore, practically all publishing houses, paper mills operate with the help of processed imports.

Talking about plastics, Ukraine has a large polyethylene processing plant called Polgrin. The recycling plant processes about 800 tons of garbage, then turn it into garbage bags. The services of the plant are used by cleaning and cooking companies, such as Freken Bock and Vortex.

These are not the only examples of the organization of the production cycle. As the recycling market and popularization of garbage sorting in Ukraine are actively developing

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