Howard Buffett Helps to Investigate the Russian Crimes in Ukraine 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, January 21, 2023
Howard Buffett Helps to Investigate the Russian Crimes in Ukraine 

The modern DNA laboratory from the "Howard Buffett Foundation" launched in the Kyiv region will work

American businessman and philanthropist Howard Graham Buffett helped Ukraine to investigate Russia's wartime murders. Buffett was transferred to the Kyiv region apparatus for DNA analysis and profiling in 60 minutes. DNA lab can be easily transported, it consists of 2 newest ANDE 6C machines. Kyiv criminologists have received appropriate certificates and have been trained to use the laboratory. Such assistance will help the Ukrainian police and forensic experts to identify the dead, and the people involved much more quickly.

Buffett's lab will help solve crimes and gather all the necessary evidence against Russian war criminals. Some towns and villages of the Kyiv region were captured by the armed forces of the Russian Federation from February to April 2022. During this time, the occupiers killed civilians. This is evidenced by the number of bodies found in mass graves, streets, and homes. If the biological traces of the criminals are preserved, their faces will certainly be recognized.

"More than 1.300 people were examined by the police after the occupation. More than 700 were tortured, and all the rest died as a result of my injuries. In many cases, we cannot establish data or even sex. Therefore, DNA laboratories are certainly necessary for identification of the dead, operational disclosure, and investigation of war crimes," said the head of the police of the Kyiv region Andrii Nebitov.

So America is again helping Ukraine confront its enemy and punish them for losing their humanity.

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