Hungary Accused Zelenskyy of Mental Illness

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, June 5, 2022
Hungary Accused Zelenskyy of Mental Illness

The speaker of the Hungarian parliament Laszlo Kever called the requests of the president of Ukraine for support to the EU countries, mental illness

Volodymyr Zelenskyy has not left his country, which is at war for three months, and attempts are being made on him. The Ukrainian president is doing everything necessary inside the country and asking European countries to help in the humanitarian and military spheres. Such requests and positive responses have always been considered normal practice. However, Hungary, which prevented the approval of sanctions packages, decided that requests for assistance were a sign of abnormality.

"Usually the one who needs help, asks for it kindly, but asks not demands or threaten. They threaten enemies, not those who want to have friends. There is a personal mental problem here," said Laszlo Kever.

These words the speaker of the Hungarian parliament used speak of Zelenskyy and his insistence on not forgetting the problems that the war brings.

The Ukrainian parliament reacted to the words about Zelenskyy’s illness moderately. The deputy head of the presidential office Andrii Sibiha wrote several sayings on Facebook:

  • "He who is guilty is the one that has much to say";
  • "The short mind has a long tongue".

"History will go ahead, Ukraine will win: all citizens living in Ukraine will be proud of our state, and such "persons" will remain in the garbage of history. the president of the country of heroes, brave and free people," he added.

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