IAEA Returns to Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, December 13, 2022
IAEA Returns to Ukraine

The missions will operate at 5 nuclear power plants in Ukraine

On December 13, an international conference Solidarity with the Ukrainian people is being held in Paris. The summit is attended by more than 70 representatives of politicians and influencers, whose goal is urgent energy assistance and the long-term recovery of Ukraine.

Within the framework of the conference, a meeting was held between the prime minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal and Rafael Grossi. The parties agreed that the IAEA would send permanent missions to 5 nuclear power plants in Ukraine: Zaporizhzhia, Rivne, Khmelnytsky, Yuzhnoukransky and Chornobyl. Representatives of the mission will monitor the ongoing and possible Russian attacks on the station around the clock, each of which can turn vast territories into an exclusion zone.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy spoke to the conference participants online and voiced the need for urgent demilitarization of the Zaporizhzhia NPP. The same requirement was published in the IAEA resolution of 18 November.

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