In Ukraine, Literally Every Ukrainian Contributes to the Victory

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, December 8, 2022
In Ukraine, Literally Every Ukrainian Contributes to the Victory

From September 30, every Ukrainian may give his military technology to the MoD for the defence of the country during martial law

On September 30, the Ministry of defence adopted a resolution on the supply of weapons to the balance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which simplifies the process of certification of lethal and non-lethal samples for the AFU hundreds of times.

Previously, the owner of technology or ammunition could submit an application to the Ministry of defence, which considered the sample and, if the outcome was favourable, issued a permit for operation. Usually, it took 1.5-2 years, and now it takes about 4 days. The main thing in each sample is the correct performance characteristics.

"To simplify interaction with manufacturers, a website has been created where every developer who has a finished product can apply to the Ministry of defence for admission to the operation of their product. Official admission to operation means that the Ministry of defence can purchase products and put them on the staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine," minister of defence of Ukraine Oleksii Reznikov.

On December 8, it became known that over the past 30 days, 7 samples have been approved for operation and another 19 drones are under consideration. Thanks to a simplified procedure for the admission of military models, the flexibility of the Ukrainian armed forces during operations to protect the state has significantly increased.

Today, partner states supply IRIS-T and NASAMS, HIMARS and other equipment, and it is critical to keep up with providing these systems with ammunition. Ukraine has already begun to manufacture shells according to NATO standards, the first batch of which has already gone to the front.

On the cover, you see 152-mm shells. The inscriptions on them: "For Gostomel and Mriia", "For Balakliia and Izium", "For Kharkiv and Lviv".

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