In Ukraine seven seaports are at different stages of concession

Friday, May 28, 2021
In Ukraine seven seaports are at different stages of concession

The Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine is preparing a concession in seven seaports of Ukraine

As said by the Director of the Reform Support Team under the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine Iryna Koshel: “There are two ways to initiate investment projects: initiation by the state and initiation by a private partner. We work in both directions. Today, seven commercial seaports are in the concession procedure at different stages, and in three more ports, a decision has been made to privatize.”

In particular, the ministry is working with a private initiative on the project for the concession of the passenger complex in the port of Odesa and hopes that in the near future a feasibility study of the project will be developed and consultants will be attracted to develop the tender documentation.

“However, regardless of who is the initiator of the concession - the state or a private partner - the tender procedure must take place. That is, the transfer of any state-owned facility to a concession takes place exclusively on a competitive basis, ”Koshel emphasized.

For concession projects in Mariupol and Reni ports, the Project Office of the Ministry of Infrastructure is currently awaiting a private initiative. At the same time, funding is being sought in parallel to develop a preliminary feasibility study.

Under the concession in the Izmail port, work has begun with private companies on the initiative of the business, the development of a feasibility study has practically begun.

According to Koshel, the Ministry of Infrastructure considers this port to be very promising and predicts a great interest in its concession.

In addition, the assets of the ports Belgorod-Dnestrovsky, Skadovsk, and Ust-Dunaisk are being prepared for privatization.

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