Reconstruction of Ukrainian “KrAZ” Production

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, December 16, 2021
Reconstruction of Ukrainian “KrAZ” Production

Kremenchuk automobile factory started accepting orders for 2022

After a brief work gap, the legendary Ukrainian truck manufacturing plant located in the central part of the country started its work. At this stage, KrAZ is trying to cover several areas for the project’s development. Now the plant has set such goals:

  • To recruit: lathe operators, electricians, technologists, machine operators;
  • Tendering for the purchase of production equipment;
  • Actively participate in tenders.

It should be noted that the plant already has the first successful steps. According to general director AvtoKrAZ, Roman Cherniak, the order list for 2022 is already being formed.

"We confidently form the order portfolio for 2022 and see that in total volume per year, up to 1000 cars of different models and modifications will be produced," he says.

Being renewed, the enterprise moved into new territories. KrAZ will start manufacturing geolocation trailers, fire-fighting cranes, and military equipment.

We will note that the company plans to work with the international market. Its orientation is confirmed by the license to allow import and export. The corresponding document was received in the summer. The first export of the equipment abroad took place at the same time. At the end of August, the company delivered a large consignment of chassis to an EU country.

AvtoKrAZ has resumed exports, which is already a good sign for the Ukrainian market.

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