Increase of the NATO Defence Budget

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, April 5, 2023
Increase of the NATO Defence Budget

UA-NATO Commission — a platform for discussing Ukraine's adaptation to Alliance standards and strengthening security worldwide

On April 4, before the start of the Ukraine-NATO Commission, Jens Stoltenberg told his team that these days the Alliance and partners should discuss supporting Ukraine in the war for its statehood and creating a multi-year security plan for our country and the civilised world.

"NATO foreign ministers are meeting at a key moment for our security. We see that Putin's aggression against Ukraine continues. We will meet in the format of the Ukraine-NATO Commission with foreign minister Kuleba, where we will discuss how to continue supporting Ukraine in terms of its urgent needs, but I also expect that the Allies will start working on a long-term multi-year program to continue to help and support Ukraine, to help it develop interoperability with the Allies, to move away from Soviet-era standards to NATO standards, to move closer to the Euro-Atlantic family," Jens Stoltenberg.

For the first time since 2017, Ukraine took part in the Commission, and the representative of Ukraine the minister of foreign affairs, Dmytro Kuleba, is to meet with several international persons and companies. Secretary Stoltenberg noted that in addition to Russian aggression, the danger is growing in the Middle East and Africa. Therefore, NATO's defence investments should increase by 2% of GDP.

"This is not a ceiling, but the minimum that needs to be spent in a more dangerous world," Jens Stoltenberg.

During the meeting of NATO members will also take place dialogues with representatives of New Zealand, Australia, Japan and South Korea.

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