Increase of Housing in Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, December 14, 2021
Increase of Housing in Ukraine

Is it worth worrying now and why buying Ukrainian housing at the end of the year has become much more expensive?

Hearing that housing prices had risen sharply, some remembered the USA and the collapse of the real estate market, behind which other countries also "burst" in this sphere. The first reason for the rise in prices was demand. Despite the difficulties, such as the coronavirus, which the country and the world are facing, the desire to buy a place of your own in the city has not disappeared. But while people were buying both secondary market housing and new housing, developers stopped planning other projects. The pause in the creation of projects of new multi-story houses occurred due to the expectation of economic recession by developers. It did not happen, and Ukrainians want to invest in real estate.

Another reason is inflation. This year, the whole world faced this phenomenon. Of course, Ukraine is no exception.

The cost of a dwelling is also noticed in the real estate market. This is one of the main criteria for forming prices in it. And this year, the cost of production increased by 30-40% in Ukraine. It was due to the price of concrete, metal, sand, etc.

Given all aspects, experts argue that there will be no collapse like the US of 2008. And this situation in the real estate market is only temporary.


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