Stolen by Russia Children Return Home

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, October 12, 2022
Stolen by Russia Children Return Home

37 children who were forcibly deported from the Kharkiv region to FR were returned to Ukraine

The Ministry of reintegration of the temporarily occupied territories reported about 37 returned to Ukraine children. All children of different ages have parents lived in the Kharkiv region. In the summer, Russian invaders kidnap them to the territory of Russia. For almost the whole season, the children lived as orphans or enslaved people of a slave nation in the village Kabardinka. It was possible to bring them home only on October 11. All the children have already met with their parents. However, specialists have yet to examine the children, learn how they were treated, and provide all necessary assistance.

"The families have now been reunited and are in a safe place in Transcarpathia, they have been sheltered for internally displaced persons in the villages of Belki and Gorinchovo. Comfortable living conditions in newly renovated and equipped rooms provided by the Transcarpathian regional state administration. The Ukrainian Ministry reported that international organizations provided the children with the necessary things," said the Ministry.

However, 263 children from the Kharkiv region are in the hands of Russian criminals. They were forcibly removed from the occupied territories of the Kharkiv region. How many more children have been stolen by the Russians is hard to say because practically four regions remain occupied. The theft of some children may not have been reported for a terrible reason — parents killed or stayed in Russian contrast camps.

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