Occupiers Interrogate Ukrainian Children

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, May 14, 2022
Occupiers Interrogate Ukrainian Children

The Russians are forcing Ukrainians to go through filtration camps to find the military, police, and activists. Now, in addition to adult citizens, they interrogate children

The deputy mayor of Mariupol reported that the invaders had finally turned into animals. In an attempt to turn Mariupol into a ghetto, the Russians force absolutely everyone to undergo a painful and humiliating "filtering" procedure. The situation is getting worse every day: first, those who tried to evacuate were taken through the filtration camps, and those who were forcibly deported to Russia. Since then, the occupiers have prohibited those who have not been filtered and have not received a "permit" from the occupation shawls to move around the city. Now the occupiers are filtering the children.

"The last evacuees from Mariupol report that the Russians have already reached the point of interrogating children. After interrogating the parents in their presence, they begin clarifying the interrogation of the children in detail. They try to catch the parents in a lie," Petro Andrushchenko.

We remind you that the Russians forcibly took away 126.000 children from Ukraine and killed 226.

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