The Ukrainian Counteroffensive Continues

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, July 3, 2023
The Ukrainian Counteroffensive Continues

In a week, Ukrainians liberated 9 km² (east) and 28.4 km² (south) = 158.4 km² from occupation

On July 3, at a briefing, the deputy minister of defence of Ukraine, Anna Malyar, reported on the stunning successes of our army. The Ukrainians liberated another 9 km² in the east and 28.4 km². You need to understand that these territories have been under the control of Russia since 2014, and the Russians are very deeply entrenched there. Every centimetre of Ukrainian land is taken with blood.

"In the east, both offensive and defensive operations continue. We are moving in the Bakhmut direction, and the enemy continues to attack in the Limansky, Avdiivsky and Maryinsky directions. The enemy is trying to force our troops out of their positions but receiving a worthy rebuff. Now there are heavy battles,'' Anna Malyar.

The intensity of enemy shelling has also increased: 11.753 artillery attacks this week against 6.457 last week. 

In the south, the Ukrainian army liberated the settlements of Novodarovka, Priyutne, Novodanilovka, Robotino, Novoselka, Staromayorske. In total, during the counteroffensive, 158.4 km² was recaptured from Russian traps.

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