Increase of Steel Production in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, February 2, 2022
Increase of Steel Production in Ukraine

In 2021, Ukraine began manufacturing 3.3% more steel

There are the 10 largest mining" rel="dofollow">enterprises and 15 metallurgical plants in the country. The largest factories have 10 to 53.000 reserves. But the organizations do not stop there, and in 2021 they already showed a new result.

The corporations of the mining and metallurgical complex increased the generation of steel. The active operation of the plants added 3.3% to the last year's results. Now Ukraine produces about 21.3 million tons from January to December 2021. Remarkably, they are a variety of metals. According to the National industrial center of Ukraine, the most powerful was metal-roll and cast iron production. In numbers, it looks like this:

  • Cast iron — 21.1 million tons;
  • Rental — 19.04 million tons.

Each product added 3.3% compared to 2020. Production of other metals has also increased. However, the figures are not as high.

Interestingly, maximum work of the enterprise has been done in the first half of the year. In December, steel production slowed to 1.49 million tons per month. Smelting in December also produced 1.66 million tons. Cast iron was mined and processed efficiently last year. Thus, even in the pre-planting month, 66 million tons were produced.

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