Increased Coal Production in Ukrainian Plant

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, February 2, 2022
Increased Coal Production in Ukrainian Plant

The plant "Svyato-Varvarinska" will increase coal processing by a quarter

The mining enrichment factory in the East of Ukraine Svyato-Varvarinskaya has been operating for 13 years. This factory is the only one in Ukraine with this specification.

Last year, factory workers provided 6.2 million tons of ordinary coal to Ukraine. Besides, the plant also produces coking coal concentrate. The number of its production per year was 3.2 million tonnes. This year, 70 thousand tons of coal were processed by the labor force of the enrichment factory in just one working day.

But this is neither a phenomenon nor an exception. Because as of this year, a significant increase in production is planned. The organization director states that the processing of valuable fossils will be increased by 25%.

The expansion of production is related to the improvement of equipment at the plant. Last year new turboprop compressors were put into operation, and the number of filters for coal was increased. Also, in 2021, the plant carried out work on replacing panels and metal structures. It is also planned to complete the reconstruction of the cargo warehouse complex this year.

Now the factory intends to process almost 8 million tons of coal per year. For this purpose, it is necessary to process about 650.000 tons of material per month. Investments are also expected to increase to $7 million this year.

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