Increasing Gas Imports Slovakia-Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, February 4, 2022
Increasing Gas Imports Slovakia-Ukraine

"Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine" and "Eustream" Slovakia agreed on additional capacities for gas imports to Ukraine

The guaranteed daily capacity from Eustream to the GTS Operator of Ukraine has been increased to 42 million m³ at the Budinets point. The total daily volume of guaranteed gas supplies from Slovakia to Ukraine from February 4 to March 31 is 42 million m³.

Gas will be distributed through auctions. February will be provided with gas through daily auctions and March — through daily and monthly auctions. Capacities will be pre-booked in accordance with current tariffs.

Guaranteed gas supplies through the Budynce point were Ukraine's first guaranteed capacities for itself. In 2014, the capacity was 27 million m³, and since the spring of 2021, gas supply operators have created a virtual reverse of Velke Kapusany — Uzhhorod.

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