International Military Exercises in Moldova

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, March 27, 2023
International Military Exercises in Moldova

Within the framework of "JCET-2023" exercises are being held on the territory of the state with the participation of Romania, the USA and the UK

From March 27 to April 7, international military exercises will be held at the training grounds of the National Army of Moldova as part of the JCET-2023 military exchange program. According to the Moldovan news resource TV8, while the experts and participants of JCET-2023 are on the streets of Moldova, one can observe military equipment that will move from their hangars to training centres. The Moldovan Ministry of defence asks its citizens not to panic and not to believe in speculative news which pro-Russian collaborators can spread when they see foreign soldiers.

We remind you that today a team of Ukrainian tankers, who were trained on Challenger 2 tanks, returned to Ukraine.

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