International Tries Over Russia in Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, March 30, 2023
International Tries Over Russia in Ukraine

The US State Department supported the idea of creating an internationalised tribunal to prosecute Russia's aggression against Ukraine

On March 27, ambassador-at-large for global criminal justice Beth Van Schaack announced the support of the United States in the process of creating a hybrid tribunal to prosecute.

"Now, at this critical moment in history, I can announce that we support the creation of a special tribunal to prosecute the crime of aggression against Ukraine," Beth Van Schaack.

According to the ambassador, currently the most effective model of the US tribunal is an internationalised tribunal within the framework of the judicial system of Ukraine, as well as "the subject jurisdiction over international crimes, the involvement of international personnel, possibly through the integration of professionals, judges, prosecutors, investigators, lawyers, or through the provision of expert assistance at the request of Ukraine."

Until the end of the war, this court can be located in Europe, which will only strengthen the international legitimacy of the tribunal. Moreover, a resolution of the General Assembly on the creation of a new institution is not mandatory for this form of the tribunal.

"The United States is ready to cooperate with Ukraine and other countries of the world, provide resources, exchange information with such a tribunal to achieve comprehensive accountability for international crimes committed in Ukraine," Beth Van Schaack.

We remind you that since March 17, Putin is an international criminal.

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