Interrogating a Civilian With Exposed Wires

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, May 14, 2022
Interrogating a Civilian With Exposed Wires

Occupation forces interrogate a civilian of Ukraine using torture

The occupying forces published a video of a Ukrainian prisoner. A civilian of the Kherson region was accused of stealing things from a dead Russian soldier. As a matter of habit, Russian soldiers have allowed themselves more than is possible for civilized people. Instead of bringing the Ukrainian prisoner to justice, the soldiers of the aggressor country decided to conduct an interrogation.

Serhii Morozov, a resident of the Kherson region, accused of stealing things, was tied to a chair and began to ask questions. The Russian military also did not hesitate to work the video camera and beat the prisoner. The video also records the torture of a person with electric shocks.

The video also shows a broken nose and abrasions on the prisoner’s head.

"Russian military torture civilians and publish evidence of their crimes themselves. They think they will not be punished. But they are very much mistaken," Ukrainian activist Serhii Sternenko commented on Russian crimes.

Russian criminals who forcefully take Ukrainian territories will indeed be punished. The first case in Ukraine against a soldier participating in Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine has already been opened.

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