Introduction of Food Stamps in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, January 19, 2022
Introduction of Food Stamps in Ukraine

The external adviser to the president of Ukraine on economic affairs, Oleh Ustenko, announced the possible introduction of food cards

At the beginning of the year, the government began discussing possible ways to support the vulnerable. Such an issue has become relevant in the context of the world-renowned practice of price hikes. To support the Ukrainian population, deputies proposed introducing a "financial airbag". It is now being discussed that public assistance will be provided to people from large and low-income families.

At first, it was considered possible to introduce a program similar to Ukrainian E-aid, given for vaccination. But now, according to Oleh Ustenko, the focus is on foreign countries, for example, America. Thus, Ukraine wants to introduce food cards as in the USA. Food stamps have been issued to low-income families for many years in America. This practice has helped to maintain the country’s economic and demographic well-being.

"Above all, the most vulnerable must be supported. How? Options will be considered. This can be both additional payments to compensate for price increases and the introduction of food stamps in the single public register Diia system — the so-called "food cheques," as is the practice in the United States," continued counselor Ustenko.

While the government of Ukraine is deciding on anti-crisis insurance, which will be appropriate at any time, the people of Ukraine are actively discussing this topic. It should be noted that the decision to introduce support for citizens who have both received coronavirus vaccinations was well received by Ukrainians. Many reports that such a move has become both a health concern and a pleasant bonus in the form of cultural development supported by the state.

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