Introduction of New Automobile Services in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, February 21, 2022
Introduction of New Automobile Services in Ukraine

In Ukraine, they want to create an aggregator site through which any person can rent his car

Oleksandr Dmytruk from the western part of Ukraine created a startup idea according to which everyone can earn on their car. The peculiarity of the project is the fact that the owner of the car does not necessarily work or be close to the car.

For Europe and Ukraine in particular, this will be a unique project. Now a businessman is studying the legal details of startup insurance nuances. Work is also underway on conditions for owners of machines. According to Oleksandr Dmytruk, it is necessary to create favorable guarantees. Currently, it is assumed that the new Detroit project will bring profits for people who do not often use their cars. 

Start-up provides short-term and long-term car rental. The price of the service depends on the brand and model, the term of use of the machine. Businessman notes that it is economically advantageous for the client to be a long-term lease.

Although the startup is in the final stages of development, there are 10 cars available for rent in the fleet.

Oleksandr Dmytruk has already implemented one project in Ukraine. He created a Detroit motor company, which sells cars from America. Therefore, the new project will probably also receive enough attention from Ukrainians.

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