Investing in a Construction Waste Recycling Business in Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, September 27, 2023
Investing in a Construction Waste Recycling Business in Ukraine

Ukrainian buildings destroyed by the war amount to ≈40 mln tons of construction waste, which the state will recycle into building materials

The Russian war brought destruction to Ukraine comparable to the destruction of all of Europe during World War II. Houses, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, and airports destroyed by Russian bombs became almost 40 million tons of construction waste. However, clearing the rubble and recycling this waste is a more complex task than the usual dismantling of a house, because a multi-story building blown up by a Russian missile is a pile of brick, concrete, glass, plumbing, furniture, metal, textiles and even pets. Disposal of the problem by burning will lead to an even greater (another) environmental disaster, as will non-intervention in the problem.

Thanks to the support of the European Union, Ukraine is launching a program for recycling construction waste and reusing it as construction materials. Following the path of green infrastructure restoration is one of the conditions for receiving 50 billion in grant aid and loans from the EU, and Ukraine is step by step strengthening work in the field of ecology, urban planning and, most importantly, the profitable attraction of foreign businessmen to come to Ukraine and take their place in the niche. The amount of construction waste is enormous and this is the material for the business of processing brick-glass-steel mass into building materials for the construction of roads and new buildings.

"The dismantling and recycling of construction waste in the world is a profitable business, but for Ukraine it is also a pressing issue of environmental safety and additional opportunities for a comprehensive program for restoring destroyed infrastructure as a result of a full-scale invasion," the website of the ruling party of Ukraine Servant of the People.

For example, in Bucha today there are about 2 million tons of such garbage, in the Kharkov region tens of millions of tons more. Several international companies have already announced their intention to invest in the construction of their factories in Ukraine, in particular, the Israeli GreenMix.

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