Investment of the European Bank for Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, December 2, 2021
Investment of the European Bank for Ukraine

EBRD invest $75 million in “Ukrenergo's” eurobonds to resolve Ukraine's energy recovery crisis

It has been reported that the European Bank is investing $75 million in $825 million bonds issued by Ukrenergo to pay off the green energy industry in the country. The EBRD's participation has provided comfort to other investors by expanding market share. This information was announced in an official EBRD press release.

This investment will help improve attitudes and confidence in renewable energy in Ukraine and will increase the confidence of financiers and investors and pave the way for the necessary investments for the stability of the country's green transition.

To date, Ukrenergo has provided more than 85 gW of net local capacity. The number of jobs has been increased, tax revenues have been increased, and more than €11 million of FDI has been attracted.

However, to achieve its energy performance, Ukraine needs more energy capacity. An agreement with the European Bank will help Ukraine continue to develop in the field of renewable energy. The EBRD said it is pleased to play a leading role in helping resolve the difficult situation in Ukraine and is helping to demonstrate the resilience and predictability of comfortable investment conditions.


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