Investment Opportunities in Ukraine on the Map 

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, February 15, 2023
Investment Opportunities in Ukraine on the Map 

The European Business Association and "The Global Business for Ukraine" association have launched a common project to spot Ukraine’s potential

The war reduced investors' interest in Ukrainian projects and specialists. However, the European Business Association reports that 91% of EBA companies continue to operate in Ukraine, 55% are ready to develop projects in Ukraine even during the military time. Moreover, Ukraine has great potential, even if we do not take into account the occupied territories. However, this is not much to be said because of the terrible war. Therefore, the EBA and the association Global Business for Ukraine have developed a map on which investors can get all useful information. 

The project has only been launched, but on the map of Ukraine already, there are 81 projects, which can become a source of profit. Each project has its category, which is easily chosen in the program's schedule. In addition, each project has information about the initiator, status, region, amount of investments, goals and terms of realization.

The convenient addition of the project is a choice of industry, which may interest investors. At present, the project has already created points:

The project also has statistics that reflect the success and necessity of industries in different regions.

Each of there spheres in Ukraine you may develop with GT Invest. Call us. 

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