Involvement of Ports of the Baltic Region for the Transit of Ukrainian Goods

by Meifan Honcharuk
Thursday, August 3, 2023
Involvement of Ports of the Baltic Region for the Transit of Ukrainian Goods

Lithuania offers to use the capacities of 3 states as an alternative to the Black sea corridor

Lithuania proposes the creation of the Baltic Road as an alternative route instead of the Black sea corridor destroyed by Russia.

On July 24, Lithuanian ministers Gabrielius Landsbergis, Marius Skoudis and Kestučius Navickas sent a letter to Josep Borel and members of the European Commission with a request to increase the capacity of transportation between Ukraine and the Baltic countries. Thanks to this, Ukraine can export its agricultural products to Europe and other countries, which will help avoid a food crisis and famine. The ministers see the renewal of the transport infrastructure between Ukraine and the countries of the Baltic region, the diversification of transhipment of bulk cargoes between railways and roads as methods to achieve this.

The Ministry of foreign affairs of Lithuania indicates that introducing simplified procedures at the border between Ukraine and Poland, introducing green lines at customs and transferring customs protocols to the Baltic ports will help to increase the volume of exports. According to the letter's authors, the grain export capacity of seaports of the Baltic ports is equal to 25 million tons per year. The participation of other EU countries in this initiative will help to smoothly and safely export not only Ukrainian grain but also other goods necessary for consumption in other countries and to support the economy of Ukraine.

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