IPO of Shares of a Large State Company

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, November 8, 2021
IPO of Shares of a Large State Company

The National commission on securities and stock market of Ukraine plans the first public issue of domestic shares on the local market

"We are negotiating a public issue with an issuer with a national level of interest. This is an issuer that the whole country knows and whose business does not need to be discussed separately," said a commission member Yaroslav Shliakhov at the X Ukrainian banking forum.

Most likely, it will be a state-owned company. Shliakhov also shared information on negotiations with the National bank of Ukraine. The purpose of the dialogue is to provide banks with more opportunities to invest in non-government bonds.

Another plan of Shliakhov is the prospect of registering closed bond issues through the National bank of Ukraine. With a high probability, introducing such an opportunity will open a window for facilitating other banking and bond transactions.

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