Iranian Drones – Ukrainian Antidrones

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, February 10, 2023
Iranian Drones – Ukrainian Antidrones

Ukrainian engineers invented a device to repel attacks "Shahed"

The Iranian Shahed is now the most dangerous drone for Ukraine. Russia destroys essential elements of the power supply of the Ukrainians with these combat drones. However, Ukraine effectively reflects the attacks and is constantly looking for ways to develop in this war.

Ukrainian developers have created a drone Spire. The project has already been implemented with the help of the Ukrainian entrepreneur and philanthropist Andrii Matsola. The Ukrainian drone is the largest of the new developments of the war. However, the quadrocopter is explicitly designed to destroy Iranian drones. Spire is controlled remotely, ensuring the safety of the warriors. But the cameraman sees everything from a first-person perspective, making the hunt for Shahed as accurate and safe as possible for the people downstairs. The impact model has already passed the first tests. Now Spire will be handed over to the air defence crews of Ukraine.

Ukraine grows stronger every day of the war. Soon, not a single Russian drone will reach either the citizens or the power plants of Ukraine.

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