Irreciprocal Love of Russians to Corpses

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, April 15, 2022
Irreciprocal Love of Russians to Corpses

Russian invaders in Mariupol dig up the corpses of Ukrainians. Probably to burn

As previously reported by a Donetsk regional military administration representative, in Mariupol, according to preliminary data, about 22.000 people were killed. Many Ukrainians were executed and thrown into the basement, while others were buried in the courtyard behind the house.

It is known that the Russians brought 13 crematoriums to the city, in which they began to burn the bodies of the Ukrainians they killed. Today, the Mariupol city council reported that the invaders exhume the bodies of citizens and take them away. There is no certainty yet that they will be burned in the crematorium because there are still a huge number of unburied corpses on the streets.

"A new level of "cleansing" from the invaders. According to residents of Mariupol, who are in the city, Russian troops have begun the process of exhuming bodies that had previously been buried in the yards of residential buildings," the Mariupol administration reports.

The fact that the Russians do not allow people to take the bodies of their relatives and friends to bury them became acute. The city was divided into sectors, each assigned an overseer of corpses. The overseer's duty is not to allow the Ukrainians to take the bodies of their relatives.

“Given that Ukrainian intelligence has recorded 13 mobile crematoria in Mariupol, it can be assumed that the Russian occupying troops are trying, by all means, to cover up the traces of their war crimes in our city. But they will not succeed, the whole world is already recording numerous crimes of the Russian army in Mariupol. Every criminal will be punished!” the city council added.

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