“Nova Poshta” Diversifies into Energy Sector with “Nova Energy” to Generate Electricity

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, April 12, 2024
“Nova Poshta” Diversifies into Energy Sector with “Nova Energy” to Generate Electricity

The Nova group, parent company of the prominent Ukrainian delivery service Nova Poshta, has expanded its business horizon by establishing “Nova Energy,” a new venture set to generate electricity

Volodymyr Popereshnyuk, co-founder of the Nova group, announced this strategic move, signifying the company's entry into the energy sector.

Nova Energy aims to produce electricity through both solar panels and gas plants, responding to the urgent need for energy autonomy amidst ongoing disruptions to Ukraine's energy infrastructure. The inception of Nova Energy was motivated by the aggressive attacks on Ukraine's energy facilities by the Russian Federation towards the end of 2022, which led to a surge in the purchase of generators and batteries by businesses and households seeking to mitigate the impacts.

"The recent assaults on electricity generation by the Russian Federation underscored the necessity for enhancing our energy self-sufficiency. Consequently, we initiated Nova Energy to concentrate on the continuous generation of power, harnessing both solar and gas sources," Popereshnyuk articulated.

This initiative not only reflects Nova Poshta's adaptive and resilient business approach but also sets a precedent for other companies to consider similar ventures in renewable and alternative energy generation.

In other developments, Nova Poshta announced plans to launch innovative package dispensing machines, capable of delivering parcels in just 8 seconds, further showcasing the company's commitment to leveraging technology for improved service delivery.

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