Czechs Raise Money on a “Gift for Putin”

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, February 27, 2023
Czechs Raise Money on a “Gift for Putin”

The Czechs launched another crowdfunding for the purchase of a 24-ton "RM-70" missile launcher for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Czech activist and politician Martin Ondracek once again helps Ukraine win the war and put Putin in his place. Ondracek launched another charity fundraiser Dárek pro Putina, or Gift for Putin. This time the goal is to buy an RM-70 missile launcher + 365 ammunition and transfer it to the Ukrainian army. In the first 4 hours after the opening of the crowdfunding, the citizens of Czechia transferred almost 3 million Czech crowns (Kč1 = $22.39) to Dárek pro Putina's account. The total amount of the collection is 50 million crones. For the installation, which will definitely "please" Putin, they have already come up with a name Přemysl.

"A volley of forty missiles can perfectly plow an area of 3 hectares. Hence the name of the weapon Přemysl. And since spring is coming, and with it the work in the field, Přemysl seems like a logical choice for us," according to the Dárek pro Putina portal.

The choice of a name for the equipment has already become a tradition: earlier, the Czechs bought a T-72 tank for Ukraine and named it Tomash, as well as the Viktor air defence system. This name reflects the commonality of the Ukrainian and Czech people and the alienness of the Russian nation.

"Přemysl is an old Czech name that Ukrainians also know, but it is tough to pronounce for representatives of other nations," Martin Ondracek.

The manufacturer of the RM-70 and projectiles has already launched the process of adapting the installation for the Ukrainian user. Presumably, at the end of April 2023, the system will be ready for transfer to Ukraine.

The founder of Dárek pro Putina is the Czech businessman Dalibor Dědek. The campaign works directly with the Czech Ministry of defence, and the funds collected by the citizens of Czechia are transferred to the Ukrainian embassy in Prague.

We remind you that Dárek pro Putina also published a petition to cut off electricity in all premises in Czechia that are used by Russian citizens/enterprises. So that not only Ukrainians sit without heating and light in winter.

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