Czechs Chipped in for a Tank for Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, October 3, 2022
Czechs Chipped in for a Tank for Ukraine

Citizens of the Czechia for 1 month collected about €1.2 mln to purchase "T-72" for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

In May 2022, the Dárek pro Putina (Gift for Putin — ed.) initiative was launched in Czechia. The founder of the program, businessman Dalibor Dedek, has established cooperation with the Czech Ministry of defence and is raising funds to buy weapons for Ukraine. Czech citizens donate their money to a particular account at the Ukrainian consulate in the Czech Republic, and the Ministry of defence buys these weapons and transfers them to Ukraine. For all the time of work, citizens of the state transferred more than 213 million korunas to help in arming Ukraine.

In September, Dárek pro Putina began to collect on the T-72 tank. In less than a month, a sufficient amount was collected, the tank was bought, and it will soon be sent to Ukraine. The protesters named the tank Tomas in honour of the first president of Czechoslovakia, Tomas Masaryk.

"Yes, Czechia is the first country in the world where people piled on a tank to send it against Putin. Tomas is going to war! 33 million korunas were raised by 11.288 people with a heart. Thank you. And what's next? Ammunition! Ammunition for tanks, rocket launchers, howitzers and cannons. Ammunition!" reported on the Dárek pro Putina page on Twitter.

We remind you that earlier the citizens of Lithuania, Poland, Canada, Norway collected funds separately in each country for the purchase of Bayraktars for Ukraine. Also, Poland handed over 5.000 Starlinks to Ukraine and Lithuania — Orc Killer anti-drones.

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