Norway Raises on “Bayraktar” for Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, July 18, 2022
Norway Raises on “Bayraktar” for Ukraine

Already the 3rd state has decided to help Ukraine and the whole country to raise for a military drone

Unmanned weapons, which are behind the scenes a symbol of Ukrainian courage and the will to win, have united Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, and now Norway has entered this circle. The country's citizens decided to collect the amount to buy the Bayraktar drone and then give it to the armed forces of Ukraine. This is reported by the Norwegian information portal Anadolu.

According to the resource, the Norwegians set themselves the goal of collecting 55 million kroons (an amount equal to the cost of a drone) and donating it to the fund at the Ukrainian embassy in Norway). According to the organizers of the campaign, in order to raise the necessary amount, each Norwegian may donate only 10 kroons.

We remind you that the flash mob was launched by Lithuania. They collected €5.5 million for Bayraktar in less than 4 days, and the company-developer Baykar gifted it to the Lithuanians. With the money saved, Lithuania bought Ukraine other weapons. By the way, the drone about the Lithuanians is already serving in Ukraine, Ukraine assembled 4 Bayraktar in 2 days and the Turkish company also donated these drones. Now citizens of Poland also raise on Bayraktar.

Glory to Ukraine!

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