Poland Raised $1 Mln on “Bayraktar” for Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, July 5, 2022
Poland Raised $1 Mln on “Bayraktar” for Ukraine

On June 28, Poland opened a fundraiser for the purchase of drones. Citizens of the brotherly country have already donated PLN 4.3 million of their personal savings for peace in Ukraine

On June 28, a Polish journalist and public figure Slavomir Serakovsky took the initiative and, through the Zrzutka.pl crowdfunding platform, opened a fundraiser to buy a Bayraktar for Ukraine. The goal is to collect 22.5 million zlotys (over $5 million) in 25 days.

"We are buying Bayraktar for Ukraine! The Lithuanians immediately raised money and the company that produces them decided to donate one to Ukraine and spend the collected money on helping the population. The same thing happened with the next collection! It's time for us to join! Bayraktar are exceptionally effective in this war and it was thanks to them that the Ukrainians were able to defend Kyiv. But the Ukrainians have little time. Remember Mariupol? Let's get involved in the fight. Donate and be sure to share," Slavomir Serakovsky, organiser.

As of July 3, the amount of funds raised was already 4.3 million zlotys, about $1 million, which is ⅕ of the required amount. A total of 40.000 people took part in the gathering.

"Polish Bayraktar for the Ukrainian army (and it is possible that the funds for humanitarian aid!). Let's go! Let's not passively watch how Ukrainian children are killed and another city is destroyed. Let's take part in this struggle. Let's move on to the most effective weapon! Donate and be sure to spread!" a commentary on the fundraiser on Zrzutka.pl.

According to Slavomir Serakovsky, if little Lithuania has collected the required amount, then Poland will succeed too. And if the accumulated amount is not enough, then the money will still be transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Bank of Ukraine. The same will happen if the amount of the fee exceeds the required maximum.

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