Poland Raised Over $10.6 Mln on “Bayraktar” for Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, August 5, 2022
Poland Raised Over $10.6 Mln on “Bayraktar” for Ukraine

"Baykar" thanked the citizens of Poland who took part in the vital campaign to buy a drone for Ukraine and donated the "Bayraktar TB2" for free

On June 28, Slavomir Serakovsky, the organizer of the Polish Bayraktar campaign, said that the citizens of Poland managed to raise the necessary amount to buy Bayraktar for Ukraine. At that time, the amount was 4.3 million zlotys, and today there are about 50 million zlotys on the account, which is more than $10.6. Serakovsky said that Poland is buying a drone for Ukraine, to which the board of directors of Bayraktar replied that they wanted to take part in your humanitarian solidarity movement and give Bayraktar TB2 to Ukraine for free.

"We would like to express our gratitude to all the Polish people who supported such a meaningful campaign. We were impressed that hundreds of thousands of Polish citizens participated in the campaign you organized. We want to participate in your humanitarian solidarity movement on our side with an offering. In light of your campaign, we will provide a Bayraktar TB2 to the people of Ukraine so they can better protect their homeland. And we will oversee the allocation of your funds by Ukrainian charities to ends that ultimately strengthen Ukraine. Our aspiration is that our offering and this campaign will succeed in saving the lives of innocent Ukrainians in changing times that we pray soon end," an official letter from the board of directors of Baykar published by Slavomir Serakovsky.

We remind you that earlier, Lithuania and Ukraine itself collected drones for Ukraine. And Bayraktar donated a drone to each of these countries for free. Also, Bayraktar-fundraising started in Canada.

Also, the founders and owners of Baykar will never sell their products to Russia and will also never open their production on the territory of the aggressor country.

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