Lithuania Sent 110 Orc Killers to Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, August 5, 2022
Lithuania Sent 110 Orc Killers to Ukraine

Citizens of Lithuania raised money and bought "EDM4S Sky Wiper" anti-drone guns for the Ukrainian army

Lithuania provides invaluable assistance to Ukraine. Not only the government of the country but also ordinary citizens. Previously, the Lithuanians collected a Bayraktar TB2 drone for Ukraine, and now — a batch of EDM4S Sky Wiper anti-drone guns for €1.5 million. The popular name of the drone is Orchist, which means "killer of orcs" (soldiers of the Russian army — ed.).

The EDM4S Sky Wipe gun generates noise in a wide range of radio frequencies and directs it toward the target. In this way, Orchist blocks flying drones' control signals, video equipment and navigation systems.

  • The range of the impression is 5 km;
  • Weight — 5.5 kg;
  • The length — 1.05 m;
  • The accumulator's working time in continuous fire mode is 35 minutes.

Ukraine will win!

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