Ukrainian Developed a Semi-Underwater Drone

by Meifan Honcharuk
Thursday, May 11, 2023
Ukrainian Developed a Semi-Underwater Drone

A corporate platform from Ukraine, "Brave-1", presented the drone torpedo "Toloka"

The range of the drone Toloka 150 will be 2.000 km. One such torpedo is capable of carrying up to 5 tons of explosives. Thrusters control the construction. This allows for manoeuvrability during the journey to the target. The drone is used to strike water objects. However, on the upper part of the housing, there is an optical camera, which is located above the water. This allows to detect dangers and avoid the enemy defence system.

The model drone was presented at the exhibition. In addition to this version of the strike weapon, early versions were introduced: the TLK 150 with the ability to strike objects 100 km away and payload up to 50 kg, the TLK 400 to 1.200 km, and 500 kg of explosives. The length of the semi-submarine drone is only 2.5 m. These dimensions are several times smaller than those of the previous models: 4-6 m, 12 m.

The new development will be given to the Ukrainian army to fight the Russian fleet. Ukrainians continue to work for the benefit of peace and victory over the aggressor. Slava Ukraini.

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