Where to Invest in Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, December 7, 2021
Where to Invest in Ukraine

Contradictory financial forecasts of many experts and prominent international organizations for the current year

Many analysts predict that the economy will finally recover from the effects of the coronavirus crisis

So, where to invest in Ukraine to increase your capital? 

For decades, this precious metal has been considered a super-safe asset for saving capital, especially in the long run. After all, gold will always find a buyer. It is not subject to substantial price jumps.  

Also, many people follow the latest trends and invest money in bitcoin. Last year, bitcoin continued to amaze, showing incredible growth. So, in December, the price of this cryptocurrency reached a record $19.500. This sharp rise in bitcoin price is explained as follows: during the crisis, this digital currency became one of the assets of the critical savings. At the moment, the value of Bitcoin has risen to $57.000 and continues to grow. Experts also predict a rise in value to $250.000 by the end of this year or early next year. 

The next reliable investment option is real estate investment. If you have an investment of more than $100.000 and more, you can look closely at buying commercial real estate. The essential advantage of this option is a high capitalization ratio (you can get 8-12% per annum) compared to residential real estate (not more than 3-7%). Usually, such real estate is rented for a couple of years or more, so this investment option is suitable for those who want to get a stable income in the long run. 

Also, many people invest in starting an innovative business. Even during the crisis, all sorts of startups or companies that work in various unexplored niches remain excellent investments. Today, the best options will be exciting software for remote work, various e-commerce startups, and medical or biotechnological nature. A good investment is IT companies, whose work is related to security or communications.

So, there are many ways to keep and even increase your capital, and more and more are appearing.

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