Lithuania Purchased Drones and Anti-Drone Weapons for Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, June 13, 2022
Lithuania Purchased Drones and Anti-Drone Weapons for Ukraine

Lithuania transferred more than a third of its defense budget to Ukraine

The public figure Andrius Tapinas wrote on Twitter that Lithuania had bought domestically produced drones for Ukraine, as well as anti-drone guns.

"We just bought and will deliver asap 110 powerful Lithuanian made antidrone cannons — EDM4S Sky wipers. Price — €1,500.000. Cannons will be distributed among 35 Ukrainian military units. And we named them: Oркрист - Убивця орків (Orc Slayer — ed). Tolkien would approve," Andrius Tapinas.

We want to note that the Ukrainians call the soldiers of the Russian army orcs. On the cover of this article, you see an image from the Twitter page, Andrius Tapinas, in which the public figure continues the theme of the sacred mission of Ukraine/Europe and the contrasting orc army.

"We just bought 4 more modern Estonian made recon drones EOS C VTOL which we named Magyla for an additional €660.000. Total value — €990.000. Ukrainian pilots are learning how to operate them. Four birds will travel to Ukraine right now, the rest in 2 months," Andrius Tapinas.

We remind you that earlier, a truly fraternal nation, Lithuanians all over the country collected €6 mln for Bayraktar drones for Ukraine, and the Turkish company decided to donate one of them.

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