Is Starting a Business or Living in Chernobyl a Reality?

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, December 9, 2021
Is Starting a Business or Living in Chernobyl a Reality?

Premises located in the heart of Chernobyl were tendered

In November, the State property fund of Ukraine released an official report for the most high-profile tenders. The report concerned the rental of an office in Chernobyl. Let us remind that Chernobyl, a city in Ukraine, close to the capital, is known all over the world due to the large-scale accident at the nuclear power plant. Since the Chernobyl accident, the city has been considered deserted. However, about 500 people are living there today. All of them are employees of enterprises in the Chernobyl exclusion zone and of the unconditionally guaranteed separation from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

A place on the central street of Chernobyl has been put on auction. The size of the premises reaches 82 m². According to the assessment of experts, the condition of the premises is considered satisfactory, not accidental.

The communication also noted that the purpose of the facility was not restricted and allowed the renter to use it for both production and housing. The starting price for such a deal barely exceeds $150 a month.

Whether a safe deal awaits a winner: specialist observations

It is impossible to hide that such a message provoked a strong reaction from the Ukrainian people. People were interested in the safety of the stay in the exclusion zone. And the Supervisory board responded to such concerns.

The staff of the Chernobyl station focused on the new sarcophagus. According to the Supervisory board, there has been no violation of safety standards since the construction of the new sarcophagus. In addition, surveillance is always carried out to avoid uncontrolled spikes in nuclear activity. It includes continuous monitoring of metals that deter fuel.

Such security can attract tenderers. And the offer itself is likely to interest private investors with creative ideas. Therefore, it remains to observe the course of events and keep readers of GT Invest informed.

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