IT 2021: What Trends Existed and Will Remain

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, December 24, 2021
IT 2021: What Trends Existed and Will Remain

How the trends of this year affected the Ukrainian IT industry and what to expect now

For innovative technologies, 2021 was something like the dawn. IT projects developed rapidly and dynamically. This led to increasing interest in Ukrainian startups from foreign foundations. Based on this demand for Ukrainian ideas, competition for prospective people appeared. Not only advanced IT specialists but also marketers, CEO specialists, PR managers have started to be sought in the country. Such a phenomenon can really be considered a trend for the Ukrainian market because the IT industry used to develop independently. Developers rarely made contact with other specialists. But now, in an era of the promotion and high competition of products in the IT world, the full support of the project is vital. The trend of IT impact on the labor market of other industries is unlikely to be a thing of the past. Because the new year already promises many high-profile projects.

The selection of English-speaking professionals is another increased indicator. It has become a trend, so today, it is not easy to find people with a high level of English. It is also noted by the developers themselves.

Remote work is a trend that has followed high technology since 2020. The point of this phenomenon is that both big and small businesses do not need to rent an office, hire employees only from their city, or pay for the accommodation of good nonresident specialists. Remoting or telecommuting provides IT companies with as much opportunity as others. For example, CEOs can spend money that could be spent on office rent for marketing and development. This trend will only widen its borders in the coming years.

As we can see, the trends set by the company that creates the new technologies have the property of long existence and passing from year to year. The only thing left behind is the creation of multinational companies. Organizations that own business units in different countries are considered ordinary for IT in 2021-2022.

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