Japan Against Kremlin Ideology

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, January 29, 2023
Japan Against Kremlin Ideology

Japanese government expanded sanctions against Russia

The Ministry of economy, trade, and industry of Japan report that its anti-Russian sanctions have been expanded. On February 3, Tokyo decided to ban the import of Japanese vaccines, robots, medical equipment, nuclear installations equipment, oil, natural gas searches, and explosives into Russia. Moreover, Tokyo will no longer be exporting laser welding machines and portable generators to a Kremlin-controlled country.

Japan also decided to impose restrictions on Russian representatives. Japan will freeze at least 22 assets of Russian citizens and three organizations of the aggressor country. Oleksandr Duhin, a representative of the ideology of the "Russian world", was also included in the sanctions list. The minister of justice of Russia, deputy prime minister, head of the central election commission, commissioner for child's rights, etc., will also appear on Japanese restrictions.

Russia has already severed relations with Japan. In connection with Tokyo's condemnation of the Kremlin, the Russian Federation has announced the termination of dialogue regarding joint economic activity in South Kuril. Let us recall that Japan provides humanitarian and military assistance to Ukraine.

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