Projections About Ukraine and the War at the Russian Embassy in the USA

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, August 9, 2023
Projections About Ukraine and the War at the Russian Embassy in the USA

The embassy staff responded by highlighting the symbols of the Russian war. Photos

On the evening of August 4, on the building of the Russian embassy in Washington were projected the Ukrainian flag and illustrations depicting the impending failure of Russia, the victory of Ukraine, the Kremlin-ouroboros, Ukrainian motives, the symbol of Azovstal and much more. The organiser of the performance Special Military Operation: Нікіта Тітов is the American writer Benjamin Wittes, and the creator of the images is the Ukrainian artist Nikita Titov.

“A day without trolling the embassy is day without a pleasurable duty completed,” Benjamin Wittes on his Facebook page.

In response to the action, the embassy staff highlighted the “V” and “Z” symbols on the embassy building, which are officially recognised as extremist symbols in several countries.

Russian warship (in the shape of a Kremlin) is sinking.

The Kremlin as ouroboros: a regime devouring itself.

Carriage of 4-year-old Diana from Vinnytsia. She was killed by a Russian missile.

Ukrainian Cossack mows down the Kremlin.

Azovstal the heart of steel.

The soldier and the flag of Ukraine, which together create the trident the coat of arms of Ukraine.

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